iWasteNot Systems' Platform For Reuse

iWasteNot Systems, a family-run business based in Ontario Canada, is a “software as service” provider. Essentially, it creates and maintains a customizable software platform that allows states, cities and even large companies to host their own web-based materials exchanges, reuse directories, and surplus materials management systems.  iWasteNot supplies these web-based surplus materials exchanges in communities throughout the United States and Canada with a package of services which includes software, web-hosting, security, support and training. In return for an annual fee, iWasteNot provides a total system designed to make creating and operating a materials exchange as simple, inexpensive and effective as possible. Its system also tracks and reports on the weight and nature of waste diverted and the dollar savings and greenhouse gas emissions avoided through diversion. If you’d like to get your head wrapped around the concept of a materials exchange, be sure to check out another Reuse Alliance member, Reuse Marketplace, that uses the iWasteNot platform. The benefit of the platform, and of materials exchanges in general, is that they help communities move toward sustainability by improving the management of ‘surplus chains’ and increasing the flow of information pertaining to reuse. 

iWasteNot began providing material exchanges in 2003 for both residential and commercial markets. In the residential arena, its customers (generally municipal governments) have asked for more “3R” information – so IWasteNot expanded its “Recyclopedia” (an online reuse and recycling guide for communities), as well as local reuse-related news boards and event calendars. In the commercial arena, iWasteNot focuses on more of a B2B style of material exchange and has been working to meet client requests for combined private and public exchanges, a “surplus resource management” plugin, a ‘transportation plugin’, and a mobile app. One of the materials exchange managers using this system, Bill Smith of the City of Tacoma, says of iWasteNot, “What a great service the materials exchange has been in Tacoma and Pierce County. We have a great group of users and I get positive feedback from them on a daily basis.” When asked about their connection to Reuse Alliance, Norm Ruttan, owner of iWasteNot System says, “We’re a family company with an environmental ethic going back several generations. We appreciate the Reuse Alliance as a ‘Chamber of Reuse’ to coordinate, instigate, advocate for and grow reuse for all of us. We’re looking forward to rolling out our new and improved software in 2014 and growing our part of the reuse community.” Click here for more info.