ReUSE Minnesota

ReUSE Minnesota is a non-profit trade association bringing visibility to Minnesota’s reuse, rental and repair sectors through networking, publicity, and events. Its vision is a strong Minnesota reuse economy that leads the nation in documented environmental benefits through the intentional actions of committed individuals and institutions. ReUSE Minnesota has over 40 business, non-profit, institutional, and individual members in sectors ranging from antiques to costume rentals to repair services.

Within its network, business-to-business networking is a big help. Member businesses have found new sources for inventory or reuse options for inventory they can’t sell, resulting in more reuse and less disposal. By bringing these reuse groups together and creating a unified message to promote reuse, rental and repair, ReUSE Minnesota is strengthening a growing sector that benefits Minnesota’s environment and economy. Alicia Wold, General Manager for CostumeRentals, a ReUSE Minnesota member said, “ReUSE Minnesota is bringing together business owners and organizations that might not have ordinarily known about each other. As people from different reuse sectors get to know about each other’s work, new opportunities and partnerships are created. I have learned about outlets for used clothing, shoes, and rag fabrics which has helped us divert worn out costume pieces to places other than the waste stream. I also have a better sense of reuse sources and outlets in the community so I can refer others to those sources."  Click here for more info.