Bag the Habit

Bag The Habit is a reusable bag company with a mission to make “little bags, with lots of purpose.” Bag the Habit manufactures fashionable reusable shopping bags with durable eco-textiles. Founded in 2007, Bag the Habit has replaced millions of paper and plastic disposables through the sale of its reusable products to the public and through partnerships with brands like Martha Stewart, Oprah, and Guess Jeans. Liz Long, Bag the Habit co-founder, said, “reusability is not just about exchanging one item for another. It is a matter of mindset. It is replacing unnecessarily damaging patterns with those based on wisdom and foresight. It is an awareness that our collective evolution requires personal activism and effort, but ultimately creates greater benefits and enjoyment for all.” In regards to the wider world of reuse, Liz  said that she has “been wishing someone would form an organization like the Reuse Alliance. It’s so great to bring everyone around this cause together! We’re excited for Bag the Habit to be a part of it and look forward to working with Reuse Alliance and it’s partners to teach many more people about the importance of reusability.” Click here for more info.