Plenty Underfoot


Plenty Underfoot is a small creative reuse business, based in Cleveland Ohio, that is creatively transforming leftover materials into art, craft supplies and other products. Nicole McGee, proprietor, sells her upcycled materials online, through craft shows and in pop-up shops. She also fulfills several corporate commissions each year. Thanks to a $375,000 start-up grant from ArtPlace America, Nicole will also be launching the Upcycle Parts Shop, a creative reuse center in Cleveland. The center was highlighted in a recent news article about how the creative reuse movement is boosting urban economies. Nicole looks forward to managing both Plenty Underfoot and Upcycle Parts Shop, and said, “It’s my dream work! I’m a collaborative creature, and although creative reuse is new in Cleveland, I feel part of the movement through connections I’ve made at ReuseConex experiences. It’s helped me feel like I’m ready to open a creative reuse center and I have a community of people to learn from. You’re all my kind of people and your shared experience helps me bring it back to my city and my neighborhood. This is so valuable to me!” Click here for more info.