reDiscover Center

reDiscover Center is a nonprofit organization that works with youth, adults, educators and communities to foster creativity in education through the arts while encouraging and actively supporting environmental sustainability. Using everyday discards donated by local businesses as a launching pad, reDiscover offers a range of hands-on educational programs and workshops in which items destined for our landfills become reused and “rediscovered” in new, creative ways.  Since its founding in 2004, reDiscover has worked with over 24,000 people at its Culver City-based studio/warehouse and in schools and communities across Los Angeles County. Its goal is threefold: to provide youth with new ways to access environmental education through arts-based learning; to assist educators in fostering the innovative thinking necessary for youth to lead and thrive in the 21st century; and, to be a community catalyst for sustainability and the preservation of our planet’s limited resources. Its current strategic plan includes development of an exciting full-service facility dedicated to empowering the reDiscover Center to fulfill its mission on a larger scale. Click here to learn more.