Rochester Greenovation

Rochester Greenovation’s goal is to strengthen local communities through environmentally conscious initiatives, waste diversion, and education. In addition to its 24,000 square foot reuse center, it also provides a safe, environmentally responsible building deconstruction and salvage service and promotes appliance and furniture repair – all with the aim of increasing the value of reusable materials. Jay Rowe, Executive Director, said, “In our first year we’ve managed to divert hundreds of tons of material from demolitions, local businesses, churches, schools, and individuals which would have otherwise been landfilled, all on a shoestring budget. We make reuse fun, cheap and accessible.” Greenovation offers several other value-added programs including creative reuse workshops, a “Green Entrepreneurs Program”, Tiny Homes for the Homeless, Live Neutral, and Sustainable Saturdays – all with the goal of bringing sustainable living and reuse to a broader audience. Its efforts to bring reuse to the widest range of people possible is just one reason it decided to team up with Reuse Alliance. Jay adds that he “joined Reuse Alliance after attending ReuseConex 2010. It opened my eyes to the other reuse efforts going on nationally, what works and what doesn’t. I made many connections that I still use today.”  For more info about Rochester Greenovation click here.