Stardust Building Supplies

Stardust Building Supplies, a nonprofit building materials reuse center and deconstruction operation in Phoenix, Arizona, encourages reuse and repurposing through innovation, education and community partnerships. It envisions a sustainable community where all usable materials are repurposed or reused. Stardust operates retail warehouse stores that sell building supplies donated by manufacturers, distributors, contractors and individuals. Proceeds generated by Stardust Building Supplies stores support the organization’s deconstruction activities as well as other local nonprofits, including Angels On Call, Computers For Kids, and Gifts In Kind. Over the past 17 years, Stardust has increased its focus on diverting usable building materials from local landfills and providing an affordable source for products for low-income homeowners remodeling their homes. Selling new and nearly-new materials at 50-80% off retail prices, Stardust diverts over 2 million pounds of usable materials from the waste stream each year.  Click here for more info.