Meet Board Member Stefanie Feldman


Stefanie Feldman is a strategic account manager with Waste Management and has been involved with Reuse Alliance from the beginning. Fellow board member Joanna Dyer chatted with Stefanie about her work with Waste Management and her interest in reuse.

Stefanie has worked for Waste Management since 2008 in the healthcare segment. Prior to her current role in strategic sales, she worked directly with healthcare facilities to implement environmentally and economically sustainable strategies. One initiative we discussed was the donation and reuse of medical supplies. Although US law makes donation of  unused medical supplies domestically complicated, there is a large need overseas and for emergency or disaster response. Stefanie connected medical institutions with organizations that specialize in the collection and redistribution of unused and unexpired medical surplus and supplies. 

Stefanie has a master’s degree in environmental policy and started her career as an environmental generalist. She moved to New York and worked for the NYC Wa$teMatch program, which facilitates the exchange of used and surplus goods between organizations in New York City that no longer need them. It was at NY Wa$teMatch that she met Harriet Taub and Nicole Tai (RA board members) and MaryEllen Etienne (former RA executive director).

Harriet, Nicole, MaryEllen and Stefanie would get together and brainstorm about how to solve the reuse challenges facing New York City. Local organizations faced similar challenges of transportation, storage capacity, and response time. There was an opportunity for organizations to learn from each other, so they started a local group. Thinking more broadly, they acknowledged that reuse organizations across the country were facing similar challenges and could not only learn from each other, but provide a collective voice for the industry. From these discussions, Reuse Alliance was born.